Letter: Rise above the vitriol, Basalt

Despite the vigorous debate on Basalt’s River Park, both sides share a common cause: a great downtown Basalt. And there is more in common:

Both sides want a park. Both sides want some development. The difference is in who each side believes will achieve the best result. Those in favor of the ballot proposals believe the town has the best resources to do this. Those against believe a private developer would have the resources, would have to work with the town, and will do a better job.

This is really a classic “government or private industry” question. If you feel that the town of Basalt will be a better developer and manager of the property, you should vote for 2F and 2G. If you feel a developer would do it better, vote against.

Everyone must keep in mind that in two weeks a decision will be made. And however it comes down, there will be additional public input on the development and the land. And this is only one decision of many in the coming years that determine how our town grows and improves. Let’s do our little part to break the national cycle of political polarization: I implore both sides to keep working towards a great park and development whether or not “your side” wins. We are all on the side of a better, more vibrant, awesome little town and need to continue to work with each other to make it happen.

Richard Rosenfeld