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Letter: Re-elect Rep. Hamner

I will say that economically it is clear the presidential nod goes to Clinton, who will keep our national and local prosperity on an even keel. But for the moment, forget the big tent with all its distractions, accusations, attacks and name-calling. Let’s focus on the campaign for our state representative, Millie Hamner, who has worked and will continue to work tirelessly in the trenches on our behalf.

She is one of those incumbents who has dedicated her life to public service in the field of education for 35 years and in the state House to fund our public schools adequately and equitably. Her experience as a Western Slope school superintendent gave her the recognition and boost to become chairwoman of the State House Education Committee.

It is in our day in and out lives where we truly feel the effect of government the most tangibly. In the Roaring Fork Valley we care about the health of our forests, and Rep. Hamner supported continued funding for our forest programs, particularly the Forest Health Act. She has joined the growing chorus to oppose mineral extraction in the Thompson Divide. She is an environmentalist par excellence. She sees the relationship between protecting the wild habitat and the economics of tourism.

In the face of so much rancor and partisanship, she is a master at working across the aisle. Every bill she carried last year had a Republican co-sponsor.

She has been ubiquitous throughout our sprawling district, constantly holding town and neighborhood meetings. Please, mark your ballot boldly for Millie Hamner for another term as our state representative.

Bill Stirling


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