Letter: Proud of Aspen Skiing Co., Mike Kaplan’s stance

This letter is in response to the timely and elegant statements made by Mike Kaplan in his guest editorial (“We’re still here,” Dec. 27, The Aspen Times). The board of directors of AspenOUT (Roaring Fork Gay and Lesbian Community Fund) are proud of the stance taken by Mr. Kaplan and Aspen Skiing Co.

Nationwide, the LGBTQ community has made significant advances in recent years. The struggle has been long and arduous, and it is not over with yet. With the specter of decision reversals looming on the horizon, Mike Kaplan has made a definite declaration in defense of “our LGBQT friends, employees, guests and family members.” The local LGBTQ population is proud to call Aspen home and stand alongside all of our beautiful, diverse neighbors throughout the Roaring Fork Valley. We’re still here, and thank you all for making this valley a place to call home.

AspenOUT Board of Directors, Kevin McManamon, Melissa Temple, Kristi Kavanaugh, Reed Strathdee Lewis, Karen Kurt, Natalyn Cumings, Todd Chamberlin, Vince Johnson and Chris Walker