Letter: Poschman the right person for BOCC

Pitkin County commissioners are asked to fill many roles. Arbiters on land use, judges on quasi-judicial matters, technicians on energy and transportation, social scientists when it comes to employee housing, financial officers on the budget, and biologists when it comes to open space and wilderness. In short, they have to be deft with current docket decisions, ponderous when it comes to the long-range planning, compassionate and tough, all in one fiscal quarter. Not many can answer that call with the right mix of confidence from long years of experience and humility from, well, long years of experience. I hope voters in Pitkin County will give Greg Poschman strong consideration. Greg was born here, went to Aspen High School and the University of Colorado. He has the grit of his father who served in the 10th Mountain Division fighting in Italy (and who came to Aspen shortly after World War II) combined with a broad world view and curiosity from his years making films around the planet. Greg is tough, thoughtful, passionate and practical. Yes, all those traits can live in one body, and Pitkin County voters would be smart to cast their county commissioner vote for this Aspen native.

Mark Harvey