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Letter: Poschman the clear choice

Poschman the clear choice

I think it’s worth noting that Greg Poschman has been endorsed by the full spectrum of Pitkin County — from the rising young generation to retirees, longtime locals and part-time residents, progressive Democrats and conservative Republicans, schoolteachers and librarians to ranchers, businessmen, Realtors, philanthropists and artists.

Greg has been endorsed by three former Aspen mayors, three former Pitkin County commissioners, former Gov. Dick Lamm, The Aspen Times and Aspen Daily News, and by columnists Mick Ireland, Su Lum and Tony Vagneur.

Greg has clearly stated his positions and has said that he will listen, ask the tough questions and provide the scrutiny of county government we hope for and expect. As a native Aspenite, Greg is well-known, liked and recognized for his integrity, and many have shown their support by donating to his campaign. If he is beholden to any special interest, it will be the interest of our community and Pitkin County. Isn’t this the way it should be? Unlike his opponent — who panders and dithers on the topic — Greg was willing to publicly state who has his vote for president.

Please vote Greg Poschman for Pitkin County commissioner.

Whitney Justice

Snowmass Village

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