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Letter: Poschman right minded for BOCC

Recently I saw Greg Poschman onstage at the Wheeler Opera House, introducing the charity event for a prescreening of the movie “Harry & Snowman.” I was impressed with his kindness toward the Roaring Fork Hound Pony Club children, and also onstage. His alacrity and confidence with the audience stood out.

Greg cares about the people of our community, our rural mountain environment, our surrounding wildlife habitat and our growing suburban areas.

I believe he will strike a balance to protect the beauty or our natural lands and our wildlife residents while guiding logical decisions for the burgeoning development in our valley.

He is an even-handed leader who will not forget the reasons we all live here in the precious valley: the wilderness of our Rocky Mountains; the clean air with bluebird skies; the fresh dry powder snow that we love to ski in through the trees; the sight of deer, elk, red-tail hawks, golden eagles, and even the lowly pika in our high country, are just some of the reason we are thankful every day to be able to live in this valley.

We are also blessed and grateful for the many wonderful people, our friends, who make this a unique place of innovative thoughts and deeds.

Greg will do right for us all. I am proud to know him, and I support his efforts to make a difference in our community.

Holly McLain


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