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Letter: Poschman campaign rife with hypocrisy

There seems to be some pretty nasty broadsides being pasted on the candidate I am voting for — Scott Writer for Pitkin County commissioner. Scott’s opponent’s surrogates are writing letters that are being pretty harsh and based on labels, not facts.

In my view I would rather have a commissioner with the amazingly deep and diverse experience that Scott has, with no ongoing conflicts or ties to future development; rather than Greg Poschman, who has no real experience and appears to have many conflicts and ties with real estate development.

Let’s recap: Poschman is so tight with one of the biggest developers and landowners in the valley, John McBride, Poschman has to recuse himself from any future McBride issue in front of the county-already ongoing. It sounds like there may be a conflict with another big developer, Dick Butera, and blocking the needed Castle Creek pedestrian and bike trail? Will Greg recuse himself there? And Greg’s wife worked for Gorsuch Haus, another big development. Will she recuse herself for working with other developers if Greg wins? That would be another conflict of interest, right?

In the debates, Greg was holier than thou about “scratch and flip” high-end homes, but he participated in exactly that on a property on Northstar Preserve that sold for $13.5 million in 2011. Greg’s “Kitchen Cabinet” seems to be heavily real estate centric to me with an architect, a big developer and one of the biggest real estate agents.

I know Scott to be a respectful, civil straight up guy. I don’t have a problem with any of Greg’s connections above, but the hypocrisy from Poschman and his supporters is so thick, and obviously political. I think Scott’s experience will be a huge asset on a board of five that is missing that kind of experience, and Scott is a partnership builder and collaborator.

Greg seems to run a pretty exclusive Old Boys Club that doesn’t include — does it include you? To Scott, everyone is in the “Club.” Locals First!

Peter Beaudette