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Letter: Oppose House Resolution 3650

We are a small group of Colorado Rocky Mountain School students who oppose House Resolution 3650. HR 3650 “directs the Department of Agriculture, through the Forest Service, to convey to a state up to two million acres of eligible portions of the National Forest System.” HR 3650 reads that “portions of the state shall be managed primarily for timber production.” Turning this federally protected land over to the states could result in exploitation, destruction and reduced public use. There are currently 114 federally protected parks, monuments, historic sites, wilderness areas, etc., in the state of Colorado. Among these, local to us are White River National Forest, Colorado National Monument, Holy Cross Wilderness Area, Hunter-Frying Pan Wilderness Area, West Elk Wilderness Area and Maroon-Snowmass Wilderness Area.

Being a part of a school and community, with a strong outdoor orientation, we rely on public lands to benefit and enrich our lives. As students of Colorado Rocky Mountain School, we love and take care of our public lands because we would like to see them thrive in their natural state for the purposes of wildlife and public use. We are concerned that, in the process of turning federally protected land to the states, we may lose the ethical and monetary oversight to protect and preserve these open spaces.

We ask that you join us in opposition of HR 3650 by writing letters to: Honorable Scott Tipton; 225 N. Fifth St., Suite 702; Grand Junction, Colo. 81501.

Wild People for Wild Lands

Colorado Rocky Mountain School

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