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Letter: Non-Democrats know better than Trump

Non-Democrats know better than Trump

Republicans and independents who cross party lines to vote for Hillary Clinton this year will find themselves in good company. Among the nearly 70 prominent Republicans publicly supporting her candidacy thus far are: Ken Adelman, Marc Andreessen, Richard Armitage, Michael Bloomberg, Max Boot, Sally Bradshaw, Nicholas Burns, Michael Chertoff, James Clad, Michael Donley, David Durenberger, James Glassman, Carlos Gutierrez, Richard Hanna, Carla Hills, Gordon Humphrey, Peter Mansoor, Rosario Marin, William Milliken, Connie Morella, John Negroponte, David Nierenberg, Henry Paulsen, Colin Powell, Larry Pressler, William Reilly, Nicholas Rostow, William Ruckelshaus, Brent Scowcroft, John Warner, Meg Whitman and Christine Todd Whitman. Check out the growing list yourself at http://www.washingtonpost.com.

Even former President George H.W. Bush reportedly told a reporter he was planning to vote for Mrs. Clinton. And it’s hardly a surprise.

Donald Trump has so many obvious character and temperament flaws, espouses such incendiary and often contradictory policy positions and brings so little relevant experience to the job that it’s hard to see him as anything but one of the least qualified presidential candidates of our time.

The pervasive fear and loathing that has fueled much of Trump’s appeal to a fed-up electorate has not gone away, and cannot be dismissed lightly. But as this distinctly unpleasant election season draws to a close, Americans of all political persuasions may finally have found something to agree upon: Hillary Clinton, while hardly perfect, is far and away the less frightening of the two leading candidates.

Russ Arensman

Glenwood Springs

Don’t be fooled again, Basalt

Basalt voters approved a $5 million bond in 2013 to buy the Pan and Fork property, eliminate the trailers and relocate the residents. Then the townspeople, with 18 months of work by the “Our Town” planning process, developed a plan to design and integrate the park land of 3 acres and the 2.3-acre Community Development Corp. developable parcel. Town Council threw that plan out and took a different path. This was shameful. The Our Town effort was one of the best community projects ever. We were fooled.

The town now wants the voters to buy the entire 2.3 acres Community Development Corp. commercial parcel for $2.9 million, leaving just 1 acre for future development. They want the remaining 1.3 acres to enlarge the park, literally killing any future development opportunities. Don’t believe the “buy the park” nonsense. We already own it. And don’t believe this is riverfront property. It’s roadside property along Two Rivers Road.

The 3 acres of park land, which we already own, is two full football fields in size. I support that wholeheartedly. Design it wisely, make it welcoming, beautiful and enjoy it. It will be wonderful.

If the 1.3 acres are lost to enlarge the park, it will deny the downtown core expanding to the west forever. The remaining 1 acre will be located as far away from the core as possible, right next to the Rocky Mountain Insitute.

Downtown Basalt is presently landlocked on all four sides except for the existing Community Development Corp. parcel. It is one of only two parcels that will ever be available. Maybe the old Clark’s Market parcel can become a reality if seven or more owners come together and agree. I hope so. However, this could be a long way off.

The question is, why are we killing one of our core expansion opportunities? Isn’t good planning on 2.3 acres a better option than a three story building sitting on 1 acre next to the Rocky Mountain Institute? That would not be responsible planning. Anything built on the existing Community Development Corp. land should have open space between buildings adding to the park feeling while providing easy access and views to both the park and river. Then the park will truly be utilized as part of the town.

If you vote to purchase the 1.3 acres, you doom the town from ever growing and prospering in the future. It will still be the same struggling town but with a six-month-a-year park. The quote “legacy” will be one of death and taxes for our businesses. They will have to contribute three times more taxes than residential.

Let’s be real: This park is not going to bring people from all over the country to Basalt. We already have two gold medal rivers to enjoy. We have 23 acres of existing parks and 7 more acres yet to be developed along the river. We are surrounded by thousands of acres of open space land. How much is enough?

Please don’t be fooled twice. Vote “no” on 2F and 2G.

Norm Clasen


Knowlton has the resume to lead Snowmass

Jamie Knowlton is running for a seat on Snowmass Village Town Council.

It seems this just might be the position he is destined to have. Born and raised in the Roaring Fork Valley, Jamie’s ties and commitment to Snowmass Village couldn’t run much deeper. His experience as project manager for North Forty and his legal expertise make him an ideal candidate to help Snowmass Village move in the right direction and keep our community a “community” as well as a world-class resort. His time spent on the planning commission will serve us well as Snowmass Village moves forward to completion of Base Village.

Jamie is an excellent choice for Town Council and I hope you will join me in supporting him on Election dDay.

Patricia Smith

Snowmass Village

Re-elect incumbents for EagleCo commission

Eagle County faces the challenge of being a large, geographically split region with population in both the Vail and Roaring Fork valleys. Two candidates for Eagle County commissioner have shown that they understand and actively address the issues of both areas of the county. Kathy Chandler-Henry and Jill Ryan continually seek out their constituents, listen carefully to their concerns and issues and work tirelessly to implement equitable and financially responsible solutions.

I urge all residents of Eagle County to re-elect Jill and Kathy.

Marjorie MacDonald


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