Letter: Newspapers should keep opinions to themselves

To The Aspen Times and Aspen Daily News,

As a 23-year business (Midland Shoe) in the valley, I’m pulling the plug spending any more of my hard-earned dollars advertising in your papers.

Your editorial support for purchasing the Pan and Fork in Basalt, where I currently own a business on Midland Avenue, crossed the line. I have been expressing my opposition with this reckless expenditure for months!

I do not believe you have any business supporting or denying anything to do with Basalt’s bond questions 2F and 2G. You do not know what is best or not best for the town of Basalt. What kind of business model are you following that you get to take my advertising dollars, the very dollars you count on to stay in business, and then disregard the con argument?

For me, you should be taking the high road by remaining neutral. You should be finding out what is important to both sides of a community, listening, letting us tell all sides of our stories, so we will be compelled to come back and read, or listen, or contribute, knowing that your media is remaining neutral and unbiased. That is a business model I can get behind and that is why KSNO Radio will be getting those hard-earned dollars. Community radio at its best!

Tracy Bennett