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Letter: Networking with Aspen Entrepreneurs

Did you know that small businesses comprise 99.7 percent of U.S. employer firms, and 64 percent of net new private-sector jobs were created by small businesses and entrepreneurs?

Going into 2017, Aspen Entrepreneur’s mission is to educate and motivate our community on policies that impact entrepreneurs and small businesses, to provide access to funding-, mission- and values-aligned resources for those who aspire to scale and to cultivate an engaged community that creates a shared sense of ownership for the vitality of Roaring Fork Valley for many years to come.

For more than one and a half years now, Aspen Entrepreneurs has been bringing together the best and the brightest entrepreneurs, investors, small-business owners and those who aspire to start their own businesses in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley. Who better to help tackle some of the sticky challenges our communities face than the folks who live and build businesses here?

This week, we are featuring Jeremy Swanson and Matt Hobbs, two incredibly talented entrepreneurs with deep ties to our community. Come celebrate the holidays with us at the Aspen Brewing Co. facility at the Aspen Business Center, learn from these experts and join our growing group of 565 entrepreneurs who care deeply about the future of Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley. For new business and individual members — we’re offering free headshots for 2017! We’re also sponsoring the Aspen Young Professionals holiday party at Belly Up. These two events today will be ones not soon forgotten. See AspenEntrepreneurs.com for more information. See you starting at 5:30 p.m. in the Aspen Business Center!

Dave Mayer