Letter: Musher speaks out against Krabloonik

The lies and misrepresentations continue up in Snowmass Village. In the Jan. 10 Aspen Daily News front-page article, it says, “Individual dog houses are arranged so an animal can touch two or three others, which allows them ‘to have a social life amongst themselves.’”

When I worked as a musher at Krabloonik, it was Dan MacEachen’s strict policy that dogs at their houses not be able to touch one another. Chains were 6 feet long. There was what carpenters call a jig in the tack room set at that length. The only time most adult dogs ever had contact was on a sled team on a trip lasting about 90 minutes to two hours. The sledding season ran from November to March. Do the math.

Nowhere in the article is any mention of summer conditions. Dogs without a house live on or under a platform. When it rains, these dogs can either lay on their platform or under it. Many dogs dig holes under their platforms to escape the heat. When it rains, these holes become cesspits filled with piss, s—, water and bile. This also happens in the spring when the snows start to melt.

Now for the whopper. MacEachen goes on to declare he has “been with these dogs for 44 years” and that a month ago “staff added wood chips and pieces of carpet to the kennels” after MacEachen said he succumbed to public pressure. “It made sense,” he said.

Really, MacEachen? It only took you 44 years to figure this out? I remember your “racing” dogs getting hay in the race truck and in their kennels. (24 to 30 dogs out of 300)

The article goes on to say that MacEachen “declined comment on whether he ever still uses a rifle to euthanize (kill) the dogs himself.”

So what do you think is still going on up at old “Krabbylunatics?” Business as usual. Bottom line over dog welfare. Lies and misrepresentations!

Harry Portland