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Letter: Missing Stewart

My condolences to Olivia Oksenhorn, her mother Candice and Stewart Oksenhorn’s many friends and colleagues.

Like so many current and former Aspenites, I have few words to describe my sadness and helplessness at the news of Stewart’s death. I have fond memories of Stewart’s sartorial creativity and his unrelenting enthusiasm for his work as an arts reporter. Stewart was a linchpin in the artistic community of the Roaring Fork Valley, and — for me at least — a reliable smile and bright spot whenever I visited The Aspen Times office or saw him on the street.

Although I hadn’t seen him for several years, I, like so many others, will miss him.

Stewart’s death is a tragedy I don’t claim to understand. But I know that, as he touched many of us in life, he has left many of us unexpectedly despairing in death.

Hal Clifford


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