Letter: McCrory would be open-minded D.A.

Who could be better as our district attorney than a person who has years of experience as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney, namely Charles “Chip” McCrory. He not only knows the law but also knows how the system works and how to achieve our communities’ goals for justice, compassion, safety and independence.

I have known Chip for many years and agree with his many supporters that he is the best qualified and experienced candidate for district attorney of the 9th Judicial District. It’s a large district running from Pitkin County to Garfield Country to Rio Blanco County. And Chip knows all of this area very well.

He has practiced criminal law for 35 years, 12 of them as a prosecutor for the 9th Judicial District.

He lives by this quote from U.S. Supreme Court Justice George Sutherland in 1935: “Guilt shall not escape nor innocence suffer.” As an independent, he is not the choice of political insiders.

I am voting for Chip, and I urge you to do the same.

Roberta McGowan

Missouri Heights, Carbondale