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Letter: McCrory would be ‘exceptional’ D.A.

Chip McCrory is a full partner with our valley and communities, including annually volunteering to assist disabled veterans at Aspen/Snowmass. He innately understands and breathes the Colorado law and constitution. He advocates for clients who are mentally ill. He honors substance over image, and is diligent in guiding his clients through a fair process and trial, regardless of unpopular positions needed.

Chip understands the need for justice, the need to represent and protect the people. He knows our constitutions and laws, both state and federal. He has the prosecutor’s skill of balance — to listen to new facts provided by the defense, to hear the victim(s) and to listen to law enforcement. The prosecutor’s goal is to achieve a just result for that criminal case. The district attorney is a constitutional check and balance against unlimited police power or emotions of the public. As a prosecutor and as a defense attorney, Chip has promoted the proper and fair administration of criminal justice

I have worked professionally with Chip McCrory for 17 years and shared a law office with him for 10 years. It has been an honor to work with him, and I urge you to vote for Chip McCrory, who will be an exceptional district attorney for the 9th Judicial District.

Kathy Goudy