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Letter: Lower the pay for Basalt’s next town manager

So, Mike Scanlon has resigned and we’re looking for a new town manager. First of all, I think Mike has been a good town manager and I have no opinion on his reasons for resigning. But now, Basalt is looking for a new town manager. Fine.

Now we learn that Town Council has hired not just one, but two consultants to help search for a new town manager and “improve transparency.” I find it very difficult to understand why our local government needs to hire two consultants to help them find a new town manager! Good grief! How much is this costing us?

On top of that, we know that Scanlon’s compensation package has been a salary of $161,360 plus a monthly housing allowance of $2,000. That’s a total of $185,360! Delegates to the U.S. House of Representatives have a salary of $174,000! (Wikipedia).

Why in the world does the town manager of our small town of Basalt get paid more than a U.S. congressman?

This is totally absurd! Let’s find a local, experienced individual and offer $100,000 (including housing allowance) to be our next town manager! We don’t need to compete with other towns and offer such a ridiculous compensation package. I’m sure there are dozens of well qualified individuals in Basalt who would love to be Basalt town manager for a lot less than $184,360!

Chuck Cory


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