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Letter: Let Basalt seize this chance

Now is the time for Basalt to take control of the land along Two Rivers Road to create a fantastic riverfront park.

Yes, the town and the community have spent money buying 3 acres in the flood plain and on making improvements to the land, including helping people relocate from the trailer park to homes around the midvalley.

So, in fact, has the nonprofit that owns the land. They have been carrying a loan and found an angel to create a private mortgage fund for Pan and Fork residents who couldn’t qualify for a loan from a bank or mortgage lender.

But that’s all besides the point. We must look to the future, and questions 2F and 2G are the best way to do that. Basalt will control the land, with 1.3 acres dedicated for a fantastic park and 1 acre set aside for development with commercial or public uses.

Think of the fantastic park our community can create with easy access from downtown! Picnics and community events in the spring, summer and fall, and ice skating and snowball fights in the winter. And think of all the uses for that 1 acre that is set aside for development! There could be a hotel and restaurant, or we could sell the land to another nonprofit like the town did with Rocky Mountain Institute.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I strongly implore the voters of Basalt to vote “yes” on 2F and 2G.

Margot Pendleton