Letter: Kaplan leads by example

If you haven’t read Mike Kaplan’s guest column (“We’re still here,” Dec. 27, The Aspen Times), it’s worth reading and a great example of a business leader taking a strong stance on fundamental environmental and social issues that affect all Americans. With the new administration’s cabinet appointments, it’s more important than ever that cities, states, and, yes, businesses, take strong leadership roles in defending things like scientific research, reductions in greenhouse gasses and the sanctity of public lands. And the same goes for speaking out against the small-mindedness of bigotry and prejudice. Kaplan does not mince words or disguise his message in corporate blandishments and soft soap.

His column is something to share with other business leaders (and this valley has many, both large and small) with the hope that they use their positions to defend what really makes America not just great, but good and decent.

Mark Harvey