Letter: Jill Ryan for Eagle County

Jill Ryan’s enthusiasm and stamina for our community is worth your vote, Roaring Fork Valley residents of Eagle County. Her long-term vision for attainable housing for young and elder, an increase in quality early childhood education and affordable health care is realistic and achievable to ensure our communities from the present into the future.

It has been and will be a pleasure and honor to serve with Jill Ryan, who identifies, understands the connections, and represents the priorities of the citizens of the Roaring Fork Valley. Together we have collaborated on opening the dialog of affordable-housing benefits of Eagle County into the Roaring Fork Valley by granting a down-payment assistance program loan in to a town of Basalt employee (check it out at The program is open to all primary residence prospective homeowners who work and reside in Eagle County, specifically Basalt, El Jebel and Missouri Heights, for $10,000 toward down payment. Jill as well has supported the specific definition of representation of the Roaring Fork Valley from the Eagle County affordable-housing ballot, another example of long-term neighborly vision and representation.

Please join me in re-electing Jill. Mrs. Ryan is a bright light in the local government scene, speaking and leading with a clear vision for the best vision of our communities. She has demonstrated this through her first 4 years by accountable government by reducing the risk of mismanaging funds within Eagle County, testified to the U.S. Senate Climate Task Force supporting the Clean Power Plan, and supported local purchase of open space around Crown Mountain.

Together we will accomplish much for you, our citizens and neighbors of the Eagle Portion of the Roaring Fork Valley. Vote Jill Ryan for Eagle County commissioner as she is vocal and voting for Keeping Locals Local.

Jenn Riffle