Letter: Jeff Cheney for D.A.

I am a life-long Democrat who will vote for Republican Jeff Cheney in the race for 9th Judicial District Attorney. Jeff has helped my family through a difficult time in which I have personally witnessed his compassion, ethics and commitment to fairness. Jeff believes both in accountability and rehabilitation. I have seen these values guide him as he assists people who have made mistakes but want to turn their lives around.

Many of us know of Jeff’s commitment to servant leadership in our community. He is a Boy Scout leader, works with River Bridge Child Advocacy Center and volunteers as a coach. But Jeff also quietly steps up to serve when others need a helping hand.

I believe Jeff embodies the best parts of leadership. He has shown integrity, a commitment to justice and a desire to serve. Coupled with his 10 years of experience in the District Attorney’s Office, these qualities have made Jeff Cheney my choice for DA.

Kristin Di Bernardo

Glenwood Springs