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Letter: It’s Tipton’s fault

America is deeply troubled when home-grown terrorists like the Bundys go free, yet peaceful protesters at Standing Rock are treated like an invading army. Tim DeChristopher, who bid on gas leases on Bureau of Land Management land trying to protect them from development, spent 21 months in prison. His crime, admittedly illegal, was far, far less serious. What would happen if armed Muslims took over a federal building trying to get attention to their cause? Surely they have the same rights as the Bundys!

How can this happen? I can only point to the anti-government, right-wing politicians like Scott Tipton who introduce bills to take over federal lands so corporations can profit. He let the gas companies write bills which he introduced word for word. He backs the misogynist, hateful Donald Trump. I certainly am tired of his representation, especially since his type of thinking has led to terrorists going free.

Peter Westcott