Letter: Is mag chloride in Snowmass’ future? | AspenTimes.com

Letter: Is mag chloride in Snowmass’ future?

We have heard that the town of Snowmass Village is considering the use of mag chloride this winter. Does this have anything to with the new roundabout and its design and/or possible lack of snow storage areas? It would be a bad idea to start using mag chloride again, if in fact this is the case.

We stopped using that stuff years ago, and for good reason. It’s bad for our environment, creeks and the fish, plants and trees, as well as the problems it causes to our personal vehicles. And it also creates a mess when you bring it into businesses and residences, from your vehicles and your shoes when you walk through it. If this is the case, I hope we can come up with a better solution rather than go back in time.

P.S. — Hunting season is here. If you have one of those Samsung phones, you might want to hang onto it for fire starter or a hand warmer.

Jeff Jandegian