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Letter: In support of Pitkin County Open Space and Trails

Please accept this letter of enthusiastic support for reauthorization of the Pitkin County Open Space and Trails program on behalf of the board of directors of Aspen Valley Land Trust. The land trust has maintained a long partnership with Pitkin County Open Space and Trails over its 26-year lifespan, and was instrumental in funding and campaigning for the creation of an open space tax in Pitkin County in 1990.

As a fellow conservation organization working to protect land in an area of high development pressure, Aspen Valley Land Trust recognizes that continued funding of the Open Space and Trails program is critical to maintenance of conserved lands and open space properties as well as to the future of conservation in the Roaring Fork Valley.

We commend Open Space and Trails’ recent adoption of a natural biodiversity policy that acknowledges the impacts of trails on wildlife habitat and biodiversity. Its success will be measured according to how it actually influences Open Space and Trails’ future decisions regarding trails and wildlife conservation.

Aspen Valley Land Trust is counting on Pitkin County as an ally and partner in our conservation mission far into the future and looks forward to working with Open Space and Trails to find and maintain the right balance of trails and protection of wildlife habitat.

Board of directors

Aspen Valley Land Trust