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Letter: How did Aspen Kitchen burn its debts?

You have an opportunity to write some follow-up articles on a topic that truly covers an important issue in our town and in America.

Instead of an article about Aspen Kitchen reopening and some numbers that few understand, how about an article focusing on the local vendors whose lives and businesses were crushed by non-payment? What did they actually receive? How do they feel about it? How does a company shirk off its debt and get to re-own? How does it affect the local economy to have 10 businesses work for half of a year and not get paid for it in such a small community? If corporations can legally steal and the community allows it, should we just admit that the chains and their legal teams are gleefully headed to stomp us all out?

Isn’t this relevant to the discussions that City Hall is having on the awaiting corporate move — in that is set to follow the big money, high rent, corporate commercial real estate takeover?

I would say that in this billionaire world everything we have can be taken for mere pocket change. The only thing we have left is to stand up for each other. If someone stole $100,000 from your friends and family, would you support them?

I am hoping that the Times cares enough about this community to follow up strong on this issue.

Steve Gaasche


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