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Letter: How accurate was the vote tally?

“It’s all rigged folks, it’s all rigged.”

That is likely one of the few truthful things to emanate from President-elect Donald, or PED.

I’m not talking about 22 states that enacted laws for voter IDs, reduced polling places by 900 and blocking early voting to surgically disaffect poor, minority voters, soon after the Republican appointed SCOTUS’s dissolution of the “Voting Rights Act.”

I’m not talking about the PED calling upon his Second Amendment people to oversee voting centers for people voting without the right to do so. I’m not talking about Ohio turning off the security feature in their expensive voting machines that photographed the ballots, in case there was a call for a recount. I’m not talking about having one news agency being the only paper, radio and TV news stream in much of the world, or it being the entity that decides who are victors in each state and then the nation. I’m not talking about the Koch Brothers putting a billion dollars into state elections to support Senate, congressional and ALEC propositions. Or about the Donald being supported by an estimated $2 billion in free exposure through AP outlets (All major outlets except “Democracy Now’ are AP associates).

I’m talking about our electronic voting machines and the rules that prevent us from monitoring algorithms that are used by the machines to count the votes. Yes, they are tested and sealed away before the election. Maybe they are even tested after the exhausting elective process. But with most machines being hooked to the internet these days, and WiFi and communications capabilities reduced in size to smaller than a rice grain, I find it hard to accept that the machines are inviolable. Especially after a CEO of Diebold, an early maker of electronic voting machines, told a Republican Convention that they “are committed to getting out the vote for Republicans.”

A simple rule change, allowing accuracy checks, by a human and the machine, running periodic ballots, to confirm count accuracy, will help.

John Hoffmann


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