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Letter: Home schooling breeds lifelong learners

There are many different ways for your child to get a great education. More than 150 home-schooling families live in the Roaring Fork Valley. Home-schooling is all about child-focused learning, helping kids find their passion and allowing kids to learn at their own pace. Our children have lots of time for social interaction through their commitments to dance, drama, scouts, internships and athletics. Their days are spent cultivating a genuine lifelong love of learning.

If you currently home-school or you’ve been curious about home schooling, the Roaring Fork Valley Homeschool Network is hosting a Q&A event Monday from 6 to 8 p.m. at Basalt Town Hall on Midland Avenue.

A panel of home-schooling parents and students will answer questions about their home-schooling journeys. These families employ many of the different home-schooling philosophies (self-created curriculum, unschooling, classical education, boxed curriculum, online learning, etc.). Families also will set up display tables and showcase the materials and curriculum they use to home-school. Children are welcome to attend along with their parents.

Home schooling is growing in popularity every year. In the U.S., there are approximately as many home-schoolers as there are charter school students (2.5 million). According to Scholastic.com, “Gifted children are the fastest growing group to leave traditional institutions for home schooling.” No matter what kind of learner you have, they will grow and thrive in a home-schooling environment.

The Roaring Fork Valley Homeschool Network is a diverse, respectful and inclusive group of secular and religious home-schooling families. We plan field trips, public-speaking events for kids, mom’s night out, weekly park play dates and organize specialty classes for our kids. Our families are supportive of one another and we have built a really special community that shares a common goal: Providing a nurturing learning environment for our kids so they can experience the joy of being lifelong learners.

For more information, email homeschoolroaringfork@gmail.com or visit our Yahoo.com page by Googling “Roaring Fork Valley Homeschool Network.”

Stacey Craft