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Letter: Halloween thanks from North 40

Now that the cobwebs have cleared, I’d like to send out a couple of thanks on behalf of North 40, America.

Cheers to Aidan Wynn, who arranged for our homeowners to buy bulk candy at a discount through Roxy’s, our favorite neighborhood store. At around 1,000 pieces of candy per house, anything helps.

Kudos to Clark’s Market, which also offered a substantial discount on candy and made it easy for us to buy local. On Halloween, Dave Clark himself came by and unloaded what seemed like a pallet of candy on his way to celebrate with his family downvalley. Thanks for making the stop, Dave.

To the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office and the Aspen Volunteer Fire Department, we appreciate your keeping our streets safe and parking manageable, handing out glow sticks and not arresting outlaws and villains under 4 feet tall. We are sure you did more, but we were a little busy to notice.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the parents who made sure their kids said “trick or treat” and “thank you.” A little goes a long way.

And lastly, we couldn’t have done it without all the creative costumes, little Batmans, Spidermans and Captain Americans who show up without fail to relieve us of our candy.

Next year, Burlingame! (mwahaha!)

Tami Solondz

President, North 40 Homeowners Association

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