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Letter: Greg Poschman is the real deal

Greg Poschman is the commissioner candidate who will make tough decisions for the benefit of Pitkin County residents.

In the 1970s, commissioners Joe Edwards, Dwight Shellman and Michael Kinsley and Aspen Mayor Stacey Standley all worked incredibly hard to create a sustainable and balanced community in the face of overheated and rampant real estate speculation. If not for their efforts, our upper valley might have 70,000 residents today.

Over his successful career in filmmaking and business, Greg Poschman adopted their slow-growth philosophy and chose not to pursue the opportunistic Aspen time-share hotel deal or speculative Victorian-to-monster home mutation. He does not don the label of “conservationist” like a clean shirt, merely for political convenience. He lives it. Greg understands what makes our community unique and will work for balance between a healthy environment, vibrant community and a successful resort economy. Please vote as soon as you get your ballot.

Christie Interlante