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Letter: From one dweeb to another?

From one dweeb to another?

Dear Editor:

Dweeb: “an unattractive, insignificant, or inept person” (Merriam-Webster).

“A person regarded as socially inept or foolish, often on account of being overly studious” (thefreedictionary.com).

Mr. Wingers, thank you for your response (“Penalties for the pass,” Letters, July 18, Aspen Daily News), as that is one of my many reasons for writing editorials: to stir the pot!

As for the name calling, I am a bit of a dweeb and certainly have been called much worse! You have never met me, so you know not if I am unattractive, and I am somewhat studious — so I say, thank you!

You and I are on the same page, like it or not. It is not simply semi-trucks that cause problems on Independence Pass. Any vehicle over the 35-foot limit is an issue and safety hazard. Three thousand dollars may be a lot, but the present couple of hundred is not enough. You recommend $500, so again we are in agreement that more is better! Jail might be a bit harsh, but I hear Pitkin County Jail is almost like a hotel and comes with three square meals, so I am told. I do not know because we “dweebs” seldom end up in jail.

So does your response make you a dweeb, too? I’m not going to go there because it is not nice to call people names.

Have a majestic day, and again, thanks for the response.

John “Dweeb” Norman


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