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Letter (Friday, Aug. 9): Aspen is quiet no more

Aspen is quiet no more

Dear Editor:

It is nice to have a bus that services the valley such as Roaring Fork Transportation Authority. Busses need to drop laborers off in close proximity to the jobs we do. I can understand that Susan O’Neal is peeved about noise in Aspen and how much it disrupts her quality of life.

Ruby Park has been the bus stop for my 16 years in the valley, but I don’t know when it was originally located there. Aspen’s popularity has grown over the decades and that means more people visiting, more construction, more second-home owners, more workers commuting, more delivery trucks, more dog droppings, more everything!

I would think it is similar to moving into a home next to an airport and bitching about the airplane noise! If you don’t like the congestion and noise of the metropolis of Aspen, then move to a more rural setting. Aspen is no longer the quiet sleepy mountain town of years past. Aspen is a major vacation destination that needs labor, provisions and other goods to maintain its economy.

Here is an idea that was recently mentioned in the paper editorials: Create an underground bus terminal parking lot below Wagner Park. You could minimize the noise and still drop us worker bees off in town! If you relocate the main bus terminal to Buttermilk, you are simply making the commute longer — I know that does not concern you, Ms. O’Neal, as you live in the core — and would also increase the already congested bottleneck that is a major cause of idling vehicles and traffic congestion.

I always thought an electric train would have been a great option. Electric trains, powered by hydro-generation stations on local streams! Trains seldom get tied up in traffic!

John Norman



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