Letter: Fear the flu shot, not the flu

Now is the time of year when we get the onslaught of propaganda to get the flu shots. It is important to realize that one of the main tactics that is used is fear.

We are led to believe that those who don’t get the flu shot are not only endangering themselves but everyone else. This is a great approach to take when you are promoting something that has toxic ingredients such as aluminum, thimerosal (mercury), formaldehyde, MSG and a soup of other ingredients that could make you sick by just reading them. Many of these ingredients are known neurotoxins.

These ingredients actually weaken your immune system.

So what can you do to strengthen you immune system? You can rely on natural methods to strengthen your body instead.

It is important to understand that a healthy environment inside your body will not be conducive to creating sickness.

The most effective and easiest thing that you can do is to ensure that you are eating healthy foods. Foods such as sugar, processed foods and inflammatory foods such as dairy and wheat weaken your body and create a haven for viruses to thrive.

The best foods to consume are organic fruits and vegetables. Healthy fats and clean proteins will improve your overall health.

Realize that rats don’t attract garbage. Garbage attracts rats. Keep this in mind when you consider what kind of environment you are creating within your body.

Clean water is critical for good health. Drinking water can contain many toxins, including fluoride, and can compromise your immune system.

It also is important to de-stress your life. Stress is one of the biggest causes of illness. Identify areas of stress and take steps to either eliminate or manage those issues.

By keeping your body clean and strengthening your immune system, you can create a healthy environment and be able to fight off disease.

If you are still trying to decide whether to get a flu shot, do your homework. Find out what is in a flu shot. Most flu shots are focused on the flu strains from the previous year compared to what will happen this year.

Realize that flu shots are not fully tested. No one knows the long-term consequences of repeated flu vaccines. It has never been tested.

Realize that there are benefits to the symptoms of the flu. Hippocrates, the “father of medicine,” observed the symptoms play a role in fighting off disease. He said, “Diseases are crises of purification. Symptoms are the natural defenses of the body. We call them diseases, but they are in fact the cure of diseases.”

When symptoms are allowed to express and release naturally, the body heals faster and better, and the “health crisis” leaves a healthier, cleaner and stronger body as a result.

Don’t let fear tactics dictate your health care decisions. Make an informed choice.

Tom Lankering



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