Letter: Empowered by Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Are you worried about climate change and feeling overwhelmed or discouraged after some of the things being said after last month’s election? The local chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby is the perfect place to turn to for hope and inspiration, and to take actions that will make a difference.

The group’s mission is two-fold: a) create the political will for a sustainable climate; b) empower individuals to have breakthroughs in exercising their personal and political power.

We are focused on passing a nonpartisan, market-based solution to drastically reduce emissions, create jobs and support small businesses and families — all without growing government. We work on reaching across political aisles and speaking with our leaders, learning how we can help each other — and it’s been quite empowering.

We believe that bold actions by a few brave people can change the course of history and stabilize Earth’s climate, and we’re working with Republicans and Democrats to make that happen. Since the election, the local Roaring Fork Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby has been reinvigorated and welcomes new members to join us. Renewables are here to stay as a source of energy and jobs, and with bold action, we can make a clean energy future a reality. Google “Roaring Fork Citizens’ Climate Lobby” to learn more and join us for our next meeting.

Michael Gorman