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Letter: Emeticus maximus

We’re thinking about this all wrong. That Donald Trump has been elected president is the best thing that could have possibly happened. Let me explain.

As Martin Luther King pointed out 50 years ago, the United States has been the “greatest purveyor of violence” on the planet for the past couple of centuries. We have toppled democratically elected regimes, installed and supported murderous dictators around the globe, all so that we could expropriate the natural resources of poorer countries and live above our means. (As of 2014, the U.S. owned 42 percent of the world’s wealth, distributed among its citizens with the greatest degree of inequality of all the countries measured.)

We are, by far, the leading manufacturer and supplier of military weapons in the world and the only country to use a nuclear weapon. We have more of our own citizens living in cages than does any other country. And if all of that criminal activity were not enough, along with Canada, we emit more greenhouse gases per person than any other population.

And now we have elected a megalomaniacal buffoon, a liar, a sexual predator, someone who pays no taxes and consorts with organized crime, and who believes that climate change is a hoax. So, don’t you see, Trump is the perfect solution.

Let me put it this way. When a Roman general found himself in a situation without an honorable path forward, he fell on his own sword. The Donald is America falling on its own sword.

Jose Alcantara


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