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Letter: Don’t hold Scott Writer’s success against him

I am writing in response to your coverage of the Scott Writer/Greg Poschman county commissioner debate. During the debate, Greg attacked Scott as a developer, suggesting that this is a bad thing. I think that is a huge misnomer.

With the redevelopment slated for our airport, and the critical housing and transportation issues we face in unincorporated Pitkin County, I see Scott’s experience as a huge asset. In fact, were it not for developers such as Aspen Hall of Fame inductees Herbert Byer, Walter and Elizabeth Paepcke, Fritz Benedict and others, Aspen would not have become the town that it is today. I applaud them for their vision, and believe that Scott Writer is of that same ilk.

I first met him while working at the Ute City Banque in the 1980s. One of the things I most appreciate about Scott is that he is a uniter, not a divider. If you have a difference of opinion, he invites you in so he can understand your point of view. That is rare in politics today.

I have known Greg for a good many years, as well, and I like him a lot. However, he does not possess Scott’s experience working on civic boards or working through our local government processes. Scott has a clear vision for how to guide and protect our community assets for future old timers. Independent candidate Scott Writer is the clear choice.

I encourage you to endorse Scott Writer for Pitkin County commissioner.

Gary Gleason