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Letter: Don’t be hornswoggled by the so-called experts

In 1949, the de Havilland Comet took off as the first commercial jetliner. De Havilland Aircraft Co. Ltd. (England) had poured the best engineering and planning available into its design. It was expected the entire commercial aircraft industry would dump its fleets and replace them with DH Comets. Then Comets started falling from the sky. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Havilland_Comet.

Su Lum recently wrote she opposed Amendment 69 (“Amendment 69 not ready for prime time,” Oct. 26, Commentary, The Aspen Times). That measure would bake into the state constitution a mandatory statewide health care system. No one would be permitted to have private coverage; everyone would have to rely on this new system. The proponents claim its annual cost will be only $25 billion, doubling the state budget. Based on Vermont’s experience, where the same plan was tried and promptly repealed, opponents suspect the costs would be much higher. There are many other flaws in the plan. Su mentions some of them in her column.

I noticed one online commenter pushed back on Su, saying, “The group … behind (the plan) worked hard for several years designing it and getting it vetted by health care professionals, attorneys, politicians and business people.” I should hope so. But so what?

One could say “de Havilland spent years designing the Comet and vetting it with experts, but didn’t bother to test whether it could fly.” What if the entire airline industry had converted to the Comet overnight because “experts” had said it was the best thing since sliced bread? That’s what proponents of Amendment 69 want to do. They ask us to ignore the plan’s disastrous test flight in Vermont. They say that this time the “experts” are right. Didn’t they tell us the “experts” knew what was best for us when they were trying to sell Obamacare?

Amendment 69 is typical progressive planning. Their “experts” can outguess the market every time. And if the little people object, ignore them. Who are they, after all? What counts is that the experts get to impose their superior intellect. This requires a whole bunch of chutzpah … and ignorance.

Maurice Emmer


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