Letter: Donald Trump’s gain is the elites’ loss

“Unfortunately, as ruling elites have circumvented constitutional guardrails, concentrating power in the ever-growing, unaccountable federal bureaucracy, presidential elections have become life-or-death slugfests …” — Melanie Sturm, Think Again, The Aspen Times Dec. 15, 2016

And when bureaucracies create and enforce regulations based on their personal beliefs or motivated by lucrative job prospects from commercial enterprise — power and wealth, of course, become the purview of a connected elite. The Rust Belt voters notified the Democrats and the nation that closing down “America’s Industrial Might” with unbalanced trade deals, open borders and global warming is hurting much of America.

The elites might do well with their tax-supported green industries, but shutting down the U.S. clean coal industries under the pretext that doing so will give us better weather was nonsensical. But in their ardor to expand the non-sustainable battery, solar and wind power industries, the well-paid Democratic leadership blithely sacrificed their loyal base.

Silicon Valley company founders might reap millions, but trade deals, taxation that put the bread and butter of invention — the manufacturing of a new product — overseas, did not create a robust economy for the rest of the nation.

The outcome of this election well illuminates the brilliance of the Electoral College. The College ensures that a few powerful pockets of the country do not control the destinies of the rest of this large and diverse nation.

As to President-elect Trump, based on his picks for the Cabinet, I’d suggest we all quit using another lie perpetuated by the elites to retain their stranglehold on the U.S. economy. Trump is not a reality TV star but a consummate dealmaker and CEO. That’s why he was watched on TV. The Rust Belt paid attention and hired the guy who actually knows what the role of president as chief executive, in the manner the Founders intended, should be.

Shellie Roy

Former Pitkin County commissioner

Aptos, California