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Letter: Council intervention needed at Krabloonik

Council intervention needed at Krabloonik

Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to the town of Snowmass Village Council.

I reference the guest column in the Sunday Aspen Times by Bill Fabrocini about the care of the dogs at Krabloonik. This is not a new revelation and no extenuating circumstances you bring to the table trumps the adequate care and humane treatment those sled dogs have a right to receive. I include herewith my response to a letter submitted to the Aspen Times by some very enlightened Basalt seventh-graders.

Their letter indicates to me that our young generation has developed an awareness for animal well-being that, so far, seems to have escaped your council, and has for an inexcusable long time. Mr. MacKeachen, like any good business owner, is responsible for employee welfare (his dogs). If this is too burdensome for him, it is not the Snowmass Town Council’s obligation to perpetuate this abhorrence for his benefit.

You have the power to make a change. Do it!

Charlie Cole


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