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Letter: Choose the most qualified candidate for DA

Mick Ireland, columnist for the Aspen Daily News, denigrates my candidacy for district attorney as a spoiler, a la Ralph Nader. What Mick, a stalwart Democrat, doesn’t realize is that the two-party system has failed the electorate. The presidential race speaks for itself. However, it also has failed in the district attorney race, and that is why I am running.

Mick claimed his candidate, Sherry Caloia, has done a good job. Her attitude has led to a total breakdown between the police and her not just in Garfield and Rio Blanco counties, but also with Joe DiSalvo here in Pitkin. She has had at least 13 attorneys leave, not counting the ones she fired when she first took office. She brags of a 75 percent conviction rate when 90 percent should be the norm.

The Republicans have put forward Jeff Cheney, who would bring back the Martin Beeson era. He talks of his leadership and experience, yet spent the past four years doing wills and estate planning. He has plans for citizen advisory boards to give him input that he apparently lacks about how to do his job.

The breakdown of voters in Garfield County is roughly 8,000 Democrats, 9,000 Republicans and 15,000 independents. This is a chance to pick an actual qualified candidate, not a political party member who wants a job.

Chip McCrory

Independent Candidate for District Attorney


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