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Letter: Children our most valuable asset

Nevee Campbell on top of Mushroom Rock

The rawness, hurtfulness, anger and contention that came with 14 months of political campaigning ended, for the moment, last Tuesday with the election of Donald Trump.

I do not argue here for one outcome or another, but I do express my deep longing to know what lies ahead for us all, especially for our children and grandchildren. I most feel that longing when I look at a recent photograph of my 4-year-old granddaughter, Nevee Campbell, after she had hiked to the top of Carbondale’s Red Hill without assistance. In the image of that moment, I see her sheer delight and pride in herself at having done a hard thing. She had felt her own power, drew on the strength of her own determination, and never questioned whether she would or could get to the top of that rock.

She had demonstrated perfectly her own advice to me: “Never ever, never ever give up, C.C.!” Her feelings and self-awareness at that moment are things that I dearly admire and, most of all, that I want to protect and nurture.

As I grasp hard for some level of hope for our country’s future and a path of positive action, Nevee has helped me to find clarity and resolution in words from Hillary Clinton’s concession speech, words that tell me where we must direct our energies and efforts: “To the little girls (and boys) out there, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every opportunity in the world. “ — Hillary Clinton, Nov. 9.

May we all cherish our young people. Guard them from disrespect, selfishness, disregard for truth and passiveness. Teach them resilience, respect for the natural world, inclusiveness, empathy and hopefulness.

Nurture the development of some form of faith and the simple ability to listen to others. Remind them constantly that they are “valuable, powerful and deserving of every opportunity in the world.”

Carolyn “C.C.” Fields


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