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Letter: Cheney explains his positions

Thank you, Jeff Wertz, for your Oct. 24 letter (Chip McCrory for D.A., The Aspen Times) informing us of your previous endorsement four years ago of Ms. Caloia and making me aware of the rumor of the “local criminal bar,” as you coined it, that I intend to give former elected District Attorney Martin Beeson a position with the D.A.’s Office.

Given that this is my first journey in politics, I’m amazed at the rumors that are purposely spread by some to achieve some political objective. Although I have heard other false rumors, it’s the first time I’ve heard that one. Rather than focus on rumors and lies, let me express the truth regarding how I would like to serve as D.A. Throughout our campaign effort, when people message me on Facebook (Cheney4DA) about concerns, I have personally messaged them with my phone number so that I can personally learn about their concern. I do this for the sole purpose of making sure that the D.A.’s Office truly serves all of our communities in a manner which accurately reflects the communities’ will.

Going door to door, I have met many wonderful people who have enlightened me in regards to their expectations for the next elected D.A. It is for this very reason I intend to form a “Citizens Advisory Board” so that citizens from all three of our counties may provide insight and input to ensure our D.A.’s Office is properly reflecting the will of the people served. Rather than have accountability every election cycle, this advisory board comprised of citizens will ensure that their communities are consistently best served by the D.A. If elected, I intend to make myself available to the citizens I serve in a public forum every month in all three of our counties. I intend to create a Citizens’ Volunteer Advocacy Group which will be comprised of citizens who will receive special training to assist victims of crime. Having been an attorney for 20 years and a prosecutor for over 10 years, I know that the hard-working victim advocates who work in the D.A.’s Office could benefit from the help and the many citizen volunteers in our community would find participating in such a program gratifying.

Lastly, I hope that the hard-working prosecutors and employees who have endured the last four years will weather the hardship of another election cycle. If I am honored to be the D.A., I will employ servant leadership by never asking any of them to do something I’m not willing to do myself or don’t know how to do. I hope they will join me in embracing having a D.A.’s Office that is truly “of, by and for” the people served. Of the candidates for D.A. as the only professionally trained leader who has led troops in combat, I know that a true leader never ignores input regardless of its adherence to the truth or the motive for providing it, so thank you, Mr. Wertz, again for your letter.

Jeff Cheney

New Castle

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