Letter: Cheers for Sturm, jeers for Colson

Cheers to Melanie Sturm (Think Again, Commentary, The Aspen Times, Dec. 19) for factual and supportable statements about the presidential election in contrast to the hysteria of John Colson (Hit and Run , Commentary, The Aspen Times, Dec. 20).

Sturm said Hillary Clinton supporters insist “Clinton’s Espionage Act violations related to her unsecured email server and her foundation’s international solicitation fraud” had nothing to do with her election loss, nor did her elitist castigation of millions of American voters in Trump’s “basket of deplorables” as “stupid or racist.”

On the other side of the coin, Colson ranted that President-elect Donald Trump is “an autocratic, infantile and completely unprepared political extremist” who, along with his appointees, is going to “get busy dismantling the federal government in earnest.” Citing no less an authority than comedian Bill Maher, Colson asserted in no uncertain terms states that Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are ultimately threatened under the Trump administration with “complete eradication” as part of “a political takeover engineered by right-wing zealots, special interests, corporate boards and their wealthy patrons.” In the immortal words of Phil Rizzuto: “Holy cow!”

By the way, the editorial cartoon of Trump as the Grinch stealing America through the Electoral College ought to be framed as a holiday present for Colson. Neither makes sense.

Bob Hubbell