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Letter: Buck up for Aspen School District

The state of Colorado ranked 40th in school funding and is not meeting its obligation to our children. On Nov. 8 (or sooner), voters will be asked to stand up for the students, teachers and support staff in the Aspen School District.

Questions 2A (Snowmass Village) and 2D (Aspen) should be an easy decision for two reasons.

First, an investment in our schools is a commitment to our future. When my own Aspen School District graduates went off to college they reported that they were “as prepared and well equipped as any of the young people who went to the fancy prep schools” in the East. That was no accident as they had the best, brightest and most dedicated teachers and the most wide and varied program experiences available anywhere.

Second, so you don’t have children? What’s in it for you? Look at the local real estate listings. More often than not you will read “4 Bedroom, 4-1/2 bath, 3-car heated garage, located in the Aspen School District.” Our state-of-the-art, quality staffed, innovative school district actually increases our property values! Any more questions?

Vote “yes” on 2A and 2D. It’s a no-brainer!

Joe Farrell