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Letter: Beaton a dead horse?

Aspen Times, I am finally on to you. You only print my letter to the editor if it has something to do with the Trump. I cannot believe you have totally ignored my great letters from the past. Letters about God, spirituality, baby Jesus, puppies and the Koch brothers.

I am beginning to think that you are grooming me to be a counterweight against Glenn Beaton and the right-wing people of the Roaring Fork Valley. No offense to Glenn, but did he go through the same training process as me? I actually really like Beaton’s articles as I have right-wing friends and family. It helps me understand how some of them think and what they expect from government and people like me. What I don’t get, however, is that right-wing anger. Also, I don’t like the extreme left anger, as well. It does seem to me that the right is still mad. They won everything this cycle and there are still huge amounts of resentment. That is just crazy.

Anyway, I am going to write to the Times and try an experiment. I am going to write about nothing political or totally left wing at all. Will see if that would be fit to print.

Miles Knudson

Aspen Village and Santa Fe, New Mexico