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Letter: Basalt proposal amounts to a ‘legacy of debt’

As homeowners in Aspen Junction paying taxes to the town of Basalt, there’s no compelling reason for doing anything other than voting “no” on 2F and 2G. Here are a few simple points outlining our position regarding the bond:

1) Taxes without benefits: What’s in it for us and our family other than more taxes? If we want to visit a large park to let the dog run or throw a Frisbee with the kids, we’ll go to Arbaney or Crown Mountain Park, which we already contribute tax dollars towards. If we want to take a stroll along the river, we’ll do it on the riverfront property the town purchased in 2013 from the Midland Bridge all the way to the Homestead Bridge. Or if we just want to chill quietly by the river and picnic, there’s also Confluence, Ponderosa and Midland parks to choose from. Plenty of river park options are already downtown. Nobody needs this tax increase right now. It’s nothing more than a legacy of debt.

2) Enough spending already for a small town struggling to stay afloat: Would you be surprised to hear that despite Willits’ robust sales tax contribution to our revenue stream, the town’s financial consultant anticipates multi-million dollar deficits in the near future because of council’s Pan and Fork policy? As it is, we’re $5 million into this deal. Why increase our debt by 300 percent to $15 million? And we still won’t have the amenities that we really want which will probably force yet another future bond request seeking even more money. Let’s put the brakes on spending now to at least free up consideration for other important programs like day care, affordable housing, safe passage to school, and the unforeseen rainy-day needs of this community.

3) No faith in our town’s ability to govern properly or effectively: Look no further than the active lawsuits by citizens against the town (Whitsitt, Riffle, Schilling and council) and the lawsuits by the town against citizens (Kenyon and Kent). This council repeatedly and flagrantly violates Colorado’s open meeting laws and public records keeping laws. If this council can’t be trusted, why support their pet project with our hard-earned tax dollars?

Do the right thing for Basalt and bring back good government. Vote “no” on 2F and 2G!

Chris and Susan Touchette