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Letter: An unexpected Christmas present

An unexpected Christmas present

Well, what a bonus! This year, in addition to the various bright and glittery presents under the tree, I now have a bright, shiny new health care plan! It is Anthem/Blue Shield and is identical to my old one (actually, they added a free colonoscopy — don’t know if I’m happy about that).

The only difference is that my monthly premium will be 70 percent less than my current plan.

The process was easy — I visited a health fair at the Woody Creek Community Center and spoke to Yolanda Thierfelder, the health care guide for Eagle County. Over the next few days, she literally completed the application for me.

We shopped plans, and I chose one that was identical (except for the cost and the bonus feature). It takes effect Jan 1. When I called up my current Cigna guy to see when my coverage expired, the rep told me “Dec. 31, and by the way, your next year’s premiums are going up 30 percent.”

You know that nice warm feeling you get when some sales guy is informing you imperiously that the skis you’re buying are top-of-the-line, non-discountable for $1,500, and you’ve already found the exact same pair for $500? That’s the warm glow I felt. See ya, Cigna.

So in the spirit of holiday giving, I am bequeathing Yolanda’s contact info to you: 970-471-3554 or yolanda.thierfelder@eaglecounty.us. Jan. 1 is fast approaching, but with Yolanda’s help, you can get this done in a flash.

Since I don’t watch TV and don’t get FOX, I am unclear on why my getting a great deal on my health insurance will somehow lead to the end of the world as we know it, Armageddon, dogs sleeping with cats, etc. All I know is that a nation that worships Black Friday should appreciate a good deal —and when you can get something for 70 percent off, that’s a good deal — to malign it would be, I dunno, un-American!

I didn’t get the memo that says “shop till you drop, take advantage of any great deals you find — except health care insurance.” As a result, I am enjoying an extra warm glow this Christmas. Get in touch with Yolanda and feel the glow yourself.

Merry Christmas!

Kevin Ward