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Letter: Alyssa Shenk for Snowmass

We are writing in the interest of our community of Snowmass Village. We moved from Aspen to Snowmass Village in 2006 and have lived through the recent difficulties this community has had in creating and executing a collaborative vision for the future of Snowmass Village.

Now that development issues appear to be gaining clarity, it is more critical than ever for us to maintain a fair and balanced Town Council that is representative of everyone in our community. We have known Alyssa Shenk for 16 years and know that our community will continue to benefit from her leadership and involvement in guiding us through the next stages of our community’s evolution. Alyssa’s passion for community is unquestioned through her involvement as executive director of Donor Direct’s Tide Me Over lending fund, where she volunteered her time and legal expertise to provide interest-free loans to individuals and families at risk of financial crisis. In addition, for the past 10 years, Alyssa has volunteered her Sundays throughout the winter as an on-mountain ambassador in Snowmass Village. Her time was spent not only enhancing the experience of visitors but also gaining valuable insight from the demographic that this town’s tourism industry depends on. Most importantly, however, is who Alyssa is as a person. She is a mother who has persevered through adversity. She is a mother dedicated to not only her own children, but all of our children in public schools where she has served as parent-teacher organization president for five years. Alyssa is an effective communicator and possesses a high level of empathy in listening to the diversity of concerns and needs in our community. We have a debt of gratitude for Alyssa’s service on Town Council so far and look forward to electing her again. We feel strongly that Alyssa Shenk is the most qualified candidate for town council and would like to encourage our fellow community members to vote and re-elect Alyssa Shenk for Snowmass Village Town Council.

Chris and Kristen Tullar

Snowmass Village