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Letter: Alyssa Shenk brings strength, compassion to Snowmass

I’m writing this letter to all of you who can vote in the Snowmass Village Council race. I strongly encourage you to cast your vote for Alyssa Shenk Genshaft as a true leader for your community.

I didn’t know Alyssa until she lost her son Max to SUDS. I came to her home and began working with Alyssa and her family as their grief counselor during this terrible time. I have walked with Ben and Alyssa through their darkest minutes, hours and days. I’ve learned that Alyssa is one of the most compassionate, capable, tough, loving people that I’ve ever met. She has chosen to live her life in service to others and in doing so, to honor Max to the highest degree.

I was visiting Max’s gravesite the other day and was talking with him about how proud he must be of his mother and all she is doing in our community and world. I am deeply honored to know Alyssa, Ben, Sophie, Eli and Max. I hope you will consider giving her your vote to guide your town through the hard times as well as the good times.

Allison Daily


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