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Letter: A world of potential on Basalt property

I am writing today to urge my neighbors in Basalt to vote in favor of questions 2F and 2G so we can create a great riverfront park in downtown Basalt.

Parks are places that draw people to gather and do things. That is the definition of vitality in my book. By passing 2F and 2G, we have a chance to create a space where people can spend time with friends and neighbors and make new acquaintances. There will be enough room for decent-sized events, or for a father and son to throw a ball. We will be able to host festivals. People will get married there. It will give all the new Aspen Skiing Co. and Rocky Mountain Institute workers coming to downtown Basalt a place to sit in the sun during their lunch break. Families can have picnics. Our river community will have the most inviting of river parks.

We don’t own this land right now. If we pass 2F, we will buy it for a fair price, one that Katie Schwoerer and others on Town Council agreed to based on an independent audit. If we don’t pass 2F, then the land will just sit there until a developer finally puts a bunch of buildings on it. Would that be a travesty? I think so.

And if we pass 2G, we will have the money to put in a picnic shelter, perhaps a bandstand, maybe a volleyball court. Certainly a playground for kids.

So come on, Basalt! Let’s buy this land and make it into the best place we can possibly imagine.

Patrice Becker