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Letter: A shot in the arm for Woody Creek

The Woody Creek community thanks all who helped put on the flu shot clinic here in our neighborhood.

The financial support of the Thrift Shop of Aspen made sure all — regardless of insurance coverage — received the shot at no charge, and the space was made possible by the support of The Manaus Fund, WC3 and The Gonzo Foundation.

Individuals who provided valuable facilitation for the financial support of and space for this event include Patty Stranahan, George Stranahan, Jane Dinsmoore, Cindy Kahn and Rob Pew.

Thanks also goes out to Jan Schoberlein and Rachel Fulfer, who helped with promotion; volunteers Andrew McGregor, Araceli Salido, Missy Prudden, Barton Craig and Tex Weaver, who gave a warm, comforting feel to this event; and to Pitkin County Public Health staff, Liz Stark and Sabrina Kertz, for their help organizing this event and for providing the injections, almost painlessly. And of course, thanks to all who showed up and bared arms.

Peg O’Brien

Woody Creek

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