Letter: A park for all of Basalt to enjoy

I ask all the residents of Basalt to vote “yes” on 2F and 2G to create the Pan and Fork town park, the community gathering space that we will all share. In the future, public open spaces will become increasingly scarce as the population of Colorado explodes and demand for housing and commercial development eat up parcel after parcel of land that were once pastures and hay fields.

The proposed park also provides for 1 acre to be developed. What developer would not put the highest value on a property that is surrounded by a lush, green public park? The park will add value to surrounding properties such as Clark’s Market and Lions Park that are ripe for redevelopment.

Voting for 2F and 2G is a win-win scenario for Basalt. We will have a park that draws residents and visitors, provides opportunity for special events and celebrations and supports its business and commercial neighbors on all sides.

This is an incredible opportunity to honor our passion for open space and nature and the reason many of us live in the Roaring Fork Valley. Saying “yes” to 2F and 2G to create a park that can be shared and enjoyed by everyone in our community is a gift I hope we can all afford to give.

Lynn Nichols